Well Watch Program


The Well Watch is the service designed for water well owners and operators. We will measure and calculate available volume of water in your well and evaluate your water quality. We will also evaluate your current water supply based on the groundwater situation in your area. Our staff will provide suggestions and recommendations on the most optimal pumping rate during draught conditions and advice on how to mitigate potential issues before they become a problem. All work will be performed by a registered professional hydrogeologist and groundwater engineer. In the worst case, we will design a well upgrade or replacement for you, and attempt to help you locate a reasonable and capable driller if you need one.


The Science of Hydrogeology is the branch of geology that deals with the occurrence, distribution, and effect of ground water. Groundwater engineering is the science of design and implementation of groundwater structures including water wells. Both are necessary for an optimal design, implementation, and operation of your water well. Even the best pump and the most sophisticated and expensive water treatment system will not deliver quality, healthy, and potable water from an improperly designed, dry, or contaminated well.


Water supply wells are engineering structures designed to extract groundwater from underground storage reservoirs called aquifers. The quality and the extractable volume of groundwater varies not only among individual aquifers, but also within each aquifer with depth and well position. For example, a deeper well is not always a better well. The quality of an individual well varies with the volume of water stored in the aquifer. The water quality may significantly deteriorate during a drought. Public water supply organizations and larger corporations have water wells designed and maintained by professionals. It means that the well is positioned, constructed and maintained to optimally balance both supply and quality demands. A proper depth, length, material, type and diameter of screened section is calculated and matched with the appropriate gradation of gravel pack. A pollution-protective seal and a well head assembly is installed, before the well is developed. Then both aquifer and well are tested for the design of the extraction pump and optimized pumping regime. Water is also regularly sampled for quality tests to insure it meets drinking water standards. Operators of such wells are not prone to be prepared for the effects of drought. They are much more likely to deal with it through a specialized professional service firm, such as ours. The Eon Well Watch Program is making such a service affordable for individual home owners, farmers and small businesses, which are generally in a more difficult position when it comes to a water source replacement.


We often receive calls from our clients, their plumbers, or pump suppliers, when it is too late. The well is dry, partially filled with sediment, or in the worst case, aquifer compromised. Your existing well may be damaged beyond repair if not maintained and operated properly during a drought. It may take weeks or months before the water starts running from your faucet again. By participating in our program, you will have a complete peace of mind. Our objective is to restore and maintain your wellís soundness in close cooperation with you.


Find the location of your well, gather any available information about it, such as well construction, pump type, plumbing and water conditioning system, make sure your well is accessible (e.g. test the key if necessary), and call, E-mail or fax our office before it is too late.


If you own or operate a simple family house well, our first monitoring visit to your house costs only $75.00. Fees for our subsequent services are based on your wellís individual condition and services required by you. An annual fee for Well Watch regular physical monitoring of a standard well in good condition and easy access may be as low as $150.00. Our toll free number makes it even easier for you, so please, call us to schedule your first well call: 1-877-4EON-INC (1-877-436-6462).