Special Services

Eon has diverse specialized capabilities. We have developed a scientific base for a federal cost-cutting program for all Department of Defense (DoD) funded environmental operations. Our innovative technical approach, combined with some logistical changes to current operations, is predicted to yield as much as a fifty percent (50%) savings to current DoD environmental project spending, especially in the area of Operation and Maintenance costs.

Our ability to control environmental project costs was highlighted by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) invitation to provide the only technical participant on the East Coast session of the EPA "Benefit of Non-compliance" (BEN) model focus working group. This group provided feedback and direction for a new generation of BEN models. Our involvement with the BEN model development places Eon in a unique position to provide our clients with expertise in EPA compliance related issues.

Eon is also an authorized agent for the sale and maintenance of Wissenschaftlich-Technische Werkstäten Gmbh (WTW) water quality monitoring and laboratory instruments. WTW products, such as the Combibox CB-570 are known as the "Rolls Royce" of the industry, providing unsurpassed accuracy, durability and unique features. The Combibox is the only portable instrument on the market that allows for the simultaneous and continuous monitoring of five water/wastewater/sludge quality parameters during a single log, up to 100 meters (300 feet) in depth. The quality of such information cannot be replicated by any other classical instrument.

Salt water intrusion can be a daunting problem for many coastal regions. Conventional techniques are often costly and less than adequate for developing a conceptual understanding of the system that is sufficient to devise the best possible solutions. Using non-intrusive approaches such as cave diving allows Eon to complete hydrogeological mapping, and gain an understanding of groundwater flow patterns, fresh/salt water relationships and various other pieces of information critical to effective water resource management. The accuracy of such information cannot be rivaled by any conventional technology. Water resource preservation decisions that were based on underwater hydrogeological investigations (cave diving) performed by Eon professionals led to significant cost savings for several European spa resorts and Caribbean coastal areas.

Typical Special Services Projects:

Name of Project: "Expedition Cuba 80"
Client: Cuban Government, Havana, Cuba

Complex coastal hydrostructure appraisal for design of potable water supply and implementation of protective measures to limit salt water encroachment in "LLanura de Zapata" region. The project work involved structural survey, hydrogeological mapping, applied geophysics non-intrusive speleodiving investigation, water and rock sampling, in situ water quality measurements and development of a conceptual model.


Name of the Project: "International development - Czech Republic"
Client: Earth Science Technologies, Inc., Louisville, KY

The purpose of the work was the international expansion of a US based environmental consulting company to Central Europe. Expansion involved the preparation of a detailed market study, completion of a feasibility study for application and transfer of the US remedial technology to Central Europe. A branch office was opened in Prague, Czech Republic, and a joint venture company with a local consulting firm, OPV s.r.o. was established. Additionally, a US AID grant application was prepared and submitted.


Name of the Project: "CBS - litigation support"
Client: CBS, Inc., Lancaster, PA

Project work involved review of the extensive sets of remedial investigation data collected by both plaintiff and defendant; review of the existing reports and rebuttal reports, data analyses and re-evaluation; formulation of the conceptual model; identification of weak points and deficiencies in both parties’ materials, preparation of the cross-examination strategy involving a list of possible and anticipated questions and development of correct defensive answers and strategies.


Name of the Project: "BEN Model"
Client: EPA focus group, Washington, DC

Project work involved review of the Benefit of Noncompliance (BEN) model. The strategy used by the EPA Enforcement Division for negotiating and litigating environmental compliance mandates was evaluated for its economic and technical merit. A public hearing presentation, focused workgroup session presentation, and written comments to upgrade and improve the accuracy of the model were provided. Eon’s involvement provided the group’s only technical and scientific expertise on the east coast.