Responsiveness and Flexibility

Eonís dynamic flexibility and client focus has allowed us to quickly join the ranks of established incumbents. We consider it a mark of our professionalism that we recognize when you are best served by our teaming with other consultants. Our personnel have worked with several large federal prime contractors, as well as many small firms.

A single project manager (PM) is appointed for each project. The PM is given sufficient authority to represent Eon on all decisions to be made regarding his or her project. Selection of the PM is subject to your approval. Responsible for the projectís budget, schedule, team leadership and supervision of day-to-day activities, the PM serves as the primary point of contact between the client and Eon. This allows for fast and straightforward response to concerns and execution of all necessary changes.

Eon maintains an international network of associates. Our virtual office environment enables us to maintain effective communication regardless of geographic location. This affords us the ability to assemble project teams with a depth of technical expertise found only in large consulting firms, but at a fraction of the typical cost. Given our network of associates from around the world, we can work twenty-four hours a day on a project without abusing our staff or stretching human capabilities over the limit. Due to the time difference and Eonís virtual office structure, project files can be electronically transferred by the end of the working day from one team member to another in a country such as New Zealand, where the work day is just beginning.

Our professionals have successfully applied this approach on several projects, such as Witcoís Kendall Oil Refinery in Bradford, PA, and Kelly AFB, in San Antonio, TX. We provide our clients with personalized, highly responsive, and flexible service that is typical of a small business; along with the operational and technical expertise found in large corporations.