Quality Assurance/Quality Control(QA/QC)

Eonís QA/QC process has three components: internal, informal and external. The internal QA/QC procedure is based on the selection of a project specific QA/QC team that develops and implements Eonís internal QA/QC plan. The involved personnel are responsible for QA/QC process monitoring, internal costs, operations, and the quality of technical procedures, scheduling and compliance control.

The informal QA/QC process consists of developing and implementing a joint client-consultant technical and Quality Control Team (QCT) which addresses all of the critical issues involving cost control, quality of work, performance, schedules, and regulatory compliance, through an informal, interactive forum.

The external QA/QC process is based on the development, implementation and monitoring of an appropriate QA/QC plan that complies with EPA requirements for Quality Assurance Project Plans.

  1. Internal QA/QC

    Internally, Eon's QA program emphasizes strong up-front planning and the development of project-specific procedures that provide for continual monitoring. This is combined with more in-depth validation spot checks which occur during certain stages of project development. These checks occur at critical junctures that may precede a significant commitment of resources. The initial project planning phase consists generally of the following procedures:

    • Data requirements are defined and the data flow is mapped from sampling through presentation and design.
    • The schedule is derived.
    • A QA/QC monitoring plan is developed.

  2. Informal QA/QC (Client-Consultant Quality Control Team)

    Eon personnel have had positive experience developing and implementing a client-consultant technical and quality control team (QCT). The QCT is an informal body that meets and operates independently of a projectís managerial team. The QCT team is composed of top technical and quality assurance/quality control experts from both the clientís and Eonís staff. An external expert can be utilized if necessary. The QCT pre-screens the consultantís information or reports before they are formally submitted. The team makes suggestions on operations, communications, compliance and other relevant issues. It provides an informal tool for independent technical and QA/QC feedback to the project manager and contracting officer on any issue before it becomes a problem or liability.

  3. External QA/QC

    Eon's external quality assurance program is developed to comply with EPA Requirements for Quality Assurance Project Plans (EPA QA/R-5). The process is based on the EPAís Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and closely follows the external working draft of Guidance on Quality Assurance Project Plans (EPA QA/G-5) from November, 1996 and all other relevant guidance documents such as EPA QA/G-4, 4D and 4HW (if applicable). EPA guidance protocols EPA QA/G-5S, EPA QA/G-6, G-9 and G-9D will also be utilized if applicable. The external plan (QAPP) is a legally binding document available for auditing, review and comments by any regulatory or other relevant agency. The final QA/QC project plan is based on a synthesis of both internal and informal QA/QC procedures.